Hurricane Irene (August 28, 2011)
Followed by Tropical Storm Lee (September 8, 2011)

Overall, the restored streams in Reston performed very well during these back-to-back storms. (Tropical Storm Lee was classified between a 200- and 500-year storm event!) The reaches with more mature vegetation handled the flood with no issues, while some portions of the younger reaches need minor repairs, as expected, since the tree and shrub roots have not had time to reinforce the soil. WSSI and RA staff post-storm inspections are complete, and crews are already mobilized to address the minor repairs.

Post-storm inspection report by WSSI [.pdf 1.5 MB]
Reston Topics: Impacts of Tropical Storm Lee by the Reston Association [Youtube video]

Also check out these photos and videos from WSSI and local residents:

Lower Snakeden Branch [.pdf 0.2MB]
Snakeden Branch, Reach 4 time lapse photos [.pdf 3.3MB]

The Glade
The Glade Reach 4B Flood Video 1 by K. Westenhoff [.mov 34.1MB]
The Glade Reach 4B Flood Video 2 by K. Westenhoff [.mov 37.3MB]
The Glade Reach 4B Post-Flood Video by K. Westenhoff [.mov 28.5MB]
The Glade Reach 4B at the culvert under Soapstone Drive [Youtube video]
The Glade Reach 5 [Youtube video]
(Sitting at this bench during flood events is not safe. The edge of the channel is less than ten feet from the bench, and the deepest part of the channel is approximately six feet deep at the time of this filming.)
The Glade, Reach 4A time lapse photos [.pdf 9.1MB]

Colvin Run
Colvin Run- Hickory Cluster [Youtube video]
Colvin Run- Tall Oaks [Youtube video]

Reston Residents documented the storm extremely well. If you have any photos or videos you would like to share, please send them to

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